World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

A symposium on Identification and Prevention of Self-harm marked the proceedings of the day. Dr.Swamynath, from Indian Psychiatric Society, spoke on self-harm behaviour in adolescents. According to him, creating a positive environment and participation and empathy of various stake holders is important. Dr.Eliza Pereira, Head of Unity of Hope at from St Johns Medical college talked about reasons why a person attempts suicide. She felt that looking out for signs like threatening behaviour and plans to harm oneself can help rescue the person. Shri K N Narayana Swami, ACP gave a legal perspective of self-harm and felt that determination to stay away from addictions to drugs, smoking and alcohol is necessary. Dr K N B Murthy, VC of PESU presided over the conference. The symposium concluded with a skit Team Nautanki, that showed that despite all odds one faces in life, one should not lose hope in life and focusing on the positives is the best way to fight against all odds. The symposium was organised by The Department of BBA in association with PESIT centre for counselling and career guidance on October 10, 2018. 

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