Student Social Responsibility Club
The Student Social Responsibility Club started by PESBBM in January, 2012!

Student Social Responsibility Club is the responsibility of every student volunteer for his/ her actions. It is the commitment the students have taken towards the society contributing towards social, cultural and ecological causes. SSR is based on an individual’s ethics. Instead of giving importance to those areas where one has material interests, the individual supports issues for philanthropic reasons; thus forming the base for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Smile and Serve with Responsibility—the fun way!!
– Regular Voluntary services at the Satya Sai Medical camps every month
– Blood Donation camps
– Swach Bharat Abhiyan, cleanliness drives.

An instance of Student Social Responsibility

The 28th of August, 2016 – a usual lazy Sunday morning for most of the Bengalureans, but quite the contrary for the volunteers of PES University BBA – Student Social Responsibility Club, Swastik Sewa Trust and Nethradhama who worked in tandem to support The Concerned for Working Children in providing for a free Basic Medical Camp for one of the communities of migrant labourers; located at Nagawaraplaya near Gopalan mall, Old Madras road, Bengaluru; who are the most vulnerable portion of urban poor population and are excluded from essential services like health care, clean water, sanitation, education, electricity, etc., also subjected to exploitation. They are forced to live in unhygienic settlement near drainages or garbage dump-yards which makes them susceptible to many diseases like dengue, malaria, dysentery, etc. Also, due to poor economic situation they don’t get proper nutrition and can’t afford quality medical support.

PES BBA Students Responsibility Club volunteered to organize, coordinate and support the CWC and conducted a Free Basic Medical Check-up Camp working hand in hand with the benevolent members of Swastik Sewa Trust who made available not only doctors, medicines, a mobile diagnostic and food but also clothes from their Clothes Bank to be distributed to those attending the Medical camp. Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospitals also supported this initiative of PESBBA SSR Club with their efficient team conducting a basic eye screening checkup which was availed by around 135 residents.

The Medical camp was inaugurated by the children of the migrant labourers of Nagarawarapalya at 9.30 a.m and went on till 1 p.m. The student volunteers of PESBBA SSR Club worked diligently taking care of registrations, assisting doctors (Pediatric, General Medicine, Gyneacology and Opthomology depts. and technicians (random blood sugar test). They also managed the crowd with patience and firmness and kept restless children waiting in the queues occupied by engaging them in reciting numbers, nursery rhymes or singing songs! Around 375 to 400 men, women and children availed the services rendered by these organisations and the medical cases shortlisted for further evaluation/ treatments/ surgeries will be followed upon by The Concerned for Working Children and the supporting organisations.

The end of this activity saw many of them sporting a happy smile, eyes glowing with kindness and a sense of gratitude. All the four participant organizations left with a sense of accomplishment and clearly a day well spent!!