Centre for Socio-Economic Development

CSEC is a research wing of the Faculty of Management Studies, PES University. The center identifies various issues and problems relating to the socio-economic changes, development and issues. Extensive research work is conducted, which are either funded by PES University or by other Institutions / Agencies of national and international repute.
Currently the following research work is under progress.
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  1. “Evaluation of rural empowerment through ‘Sthreeshakti’ scheme in Karnataka. A case of Bangalore rural.”
  2. “Evaluation of empowerment of farmers through Milk Incentive scheme in Karnataka. A Case of Bangalore Rural.”
  3. “Evaluation of effectiveness of ‘Kshera Bhagya’ scheme in Karnataka. A Case of Bangalore Rural.”
  4. “Impact of lean manufacturing system on productivity in Karnataka. A Case of CNC cluster in Bangalore.”

We are looking forward for interested sponsor agencies & institutions for availing the services of CSEC’s research team in conducting research on various socio-economic issues, along with Economists, Social Scientists, Statistician and other research scholars to associate with us.