MBA from PES University
Duration : 2 Years
Affiliation : PES University
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Advantage of PES:

  • Amongst Top 20 private B-Schools In India (Survey conducted by Careers 360)
  • PES ranks number 1 in MBA program under VTU
  • PESIT is the second most preferred destination next to IIMB for B-School aspirants (Times of India September 28, 2011)
  • Best results and placement under University

Program Educational Objective :

  1. Graduates are enabled to acquire leading positions in the different verticals of Business Management in Practice.
  2. Graduates are enabled to develop the Business solutions to social relevant problems.

Programme Outcomes :

  1. To exhibit the fundamental knowledge of the Business Management in practice.
  2. To exhibit the skills required to identify, design, develop and implement business solutions to the social relevant problems
  3. To exhibit ability to find business solution to social relevant problems
  4. To exhibit attitude of collaborative lifelong learning.

Guiding Philosophy :
The guiding philosophy is to make it a cutting edge, relevant MBA course which serves the need of students and other stakeholders, serving to make it a centre of excellence of PES University, and a role model for other constituent affiliated colleges.
In the interest of making students academically sound and in the interest of balanced development with conceptual and applied skills, the course design and pedagogy are benchmarked against the known centers of excellence in management education, including IIMs, foreign universities and private autonomous colleges.
In all courses wherever applicable, Special emphasis will be laid on :

  1. Use of computer technology, particularly business software
  2. Participative learning
  3. Topical, Research and case-based learning
  4. Project based learning- UG Project Management to PG Students

This is with a view to using the intellectual infrastructure and faculty’s expertise to lead the management students on a journey of exploring current management thoughts and techniques best suited to preparing them for a long and successful career. In addition to traditional courses, skill-based courses of smaller duration are also a part of the curriculum as a part of Finishing school.

Course Structure
The course structure is as follows-

  1. Four semesters of coursework – 2 years full time.
  2. Each semester is divided in to 2 quarters
  3. Summer internship between end of semester in India and Abroad
  4. Summer project in India and or abroad
  5. Four layer Finishing School

The total curriculum will be of 80 credits with 8 credits Foundation Courses to be completed over a two year period. Four types of courses- Foundation, core, Specialization elective and Courses leading to career with multi phase internship in India and abroad with summer project.

Core Curriculum

  • Foundation- 8 Credits
  • I Semester – 18 Credits
  • Indian Internship I – 2 Credits
  • II Semester – 18 Credits
  • Summer Project – 4 Credits
  • III Semester – 18 Credits
  • International Internship – 2 Credits
  • IV Semester – 18 credits
Program Subject details

I SEMESTER (2015 – 17 BATCH) Course Title
1 Managerial Economics
2 Managing Organizations
3 Corporate Accounting
4 Principles of Management & Communication
5 Business Law
6 Data Analysis and Decision Making
7 Special Topic : Public Relations
8 Special Topic: Corporate connect Preliminary (Meet the CXO)

II SEMESTER (2015 – 17 BATCH) Course Title
1 Entrepreneurship &Project Management
2 International Business
3 Marketing Management
4 Operations Management
5 Corporate Finance
6 Business Research Methods
7 Special Topic: Business Negotiations
8 Special Topic: Corporate connect (Meet the CXO)

III SEMESTER (2014 – 16 BATCH) Course Title
1 Strategic Management
2 Management Information System
3 Special Topic : Personal Tax Planning
4 Special Topic : Case Analysis
5 Advanced Corporate Finance
6 Investment Management
7 Management Accounting
Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
Taxation Management
Project Financing
Risk Management
Finance Analytics
International Finance Management
9 Sales and Distribution Management
10 Consumer Behavior
11 Marketing of Services
Supply chain Management
Supply chain Management
Integrated Marketing Communication
Rural Marketing
Retail Management
Marketing Analytics
International Marketing
13 Talent Management
14 Legal aspects of Human Capital Management
15 International Human Resource Management
Corporate Social Responsibility Management
Human Capital & Knowledge Management
Organizational Development Consulting
Human Resource Analytics

IV SEMESTER (2014 – 16 BATCH) Course Title
1 Special Topic: Research Methodology
2 Project Work
Internship on Contemporary Management Practices
Internship on Contemporary Global Management Practices
4 Special Topic: Term Paper on Current Management Practices