We live in interesting times. Our social lives and every facet of business is driven by a digitally tuned world. If Facebook, with two-billion users, were to be a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth. Uber is valued more than GM and Ford combined and yet doesn’t own a single vehicle. Without possessing a single room, Airbnb is worth more than the 100-year old Hilton. Apple does not own a single factory and yet is the most valuable company on earth. Digitally-enabled Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are the most valuable companies today. Whatsapp, a company with 450 employees, was bought for a stratospheric $19 billion. We live in a heady digital world!

We welcome you to this exhilarating world. Graduating students must be equipped to not only survive but thrive in this transformed world. The forward-looking Management Department’s avowed intent is to ensure that students are corporate-ready. MBA@PES® delivers true world-class education. It reflects a high degree of rigour in its choice of students and curriculum. Only scholastically bright students enter our programs. Our faculty are best-in-class. We are clearly one of the most sought-after management schools in the country. The intent is to make the programs wholesome and holistic, while delivering true value to students. The result: better placements, better salaries.

MBA@PES® is a decisively effective program. We believe learning happens inside and outside the classroom in equal measure. The entire second year is a fortified combination of paid internships, placements in the best-of-companies, specialization courses and industry exposure. The curriculum is digitally tuned, buttressed by academic partnerships with the best institutions in the world such as Harvard Business School, IIT-Madras, Arizona State University, IIM-B and Ernst & Young of USA.

Program Outline

MBA from PES University
Duration : 2 Years
Affiliation : PES University
Admissions through PESSAT Entrance Exam, know more

Advantages of MBA@PES

  1. Amongst Top 20 private B-Schools in India (survey conducted by Careers 360)
  2. PES ranks number 1 in MBA program
  3. PES is the second most preferred destination next to IIMB for B-School aspirants (Times of India September 28, 2011)
  4. Best results and placements under University

The PES Strategy: 50:50 experience

MBA@PES® delivers a truly holistic experience to students. The first year is entirely devoted to core courses that lay the foundation to assimilate specialization courses in the second year. Running in parallel with the core courses are the Harvard Business School foundation courses, designed to give one the fluency, skills and confidence needed to fully participate and succeed in the world of business.

The summer term is when students experience the residential programs at the scenic campuses of IIT-Madras and NISM at Mumbai, which deliver programs in Business Analytics and Financial Markets respectively. Also, tucked in this term are Career courses which considerably enhance placement opportunities.

The second year of the program is a period of blended learning: internships coupled with specialization courses. PES strongly believes that learning is complete only when students spend meaningful time with the industry. The third semester of the four-semester program time is designed to bring about industry exposure through paid internships. This is also the time when placements happen, and we encourage companies to hire students from the day an offer is made. Interwoven into the second year are specialization courses which are held on Saturdays, allowing students to study while being interns.

Course Structure

Four semesters – 2 years full time, 80 credits
I & II semesters

Core courses

Harvard online courses


Summer term

Residential programs at

  • IIT-Madras
  • NISM, Mumbai
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Career courses

Contemporary courses


III semester

Internship (paid)

Specialization courses on Saturdays


IV semester

Project work

Specialization courses on Saturdays