We live in interesting times. Our social lives and every facet of business is driven by a digitally tuned world. If Facebook, with two-billion users, were to be a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth. Uber is valued more than GM and Ford combined and yet doesn’t own a single vehicle. Without possessing a single room, Airbnb is worth more than the 100-year old Hilton. Apple does not own a single factory and yet is the most valuable company on earth. Digitally-enabled Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are the most valuable companies today. Whatsapp, a company with 450 employees, was bought for a stratospheric $19 billion. We live in a heady digital world!

We welcome you to this exhilarating world. Graduating students must be equipped to not only survive but thrive in this transformed world. The forward-looking Management Department’s avowed intent is to ensure that students are corporate-ready. MBA@PES® delivers true world-class education. It reflects a high degree of rigour in its choice of students and curriculum. Only scholastically bright students enter our programs. Our faculty are best-in-class. We are clearly one of the most sought-after management schools in the country. The intent is to make the programs wholesome and holistic, while delivering true value to students. The result: better placements, better salaries.

MBA@PES® is a decisively effective program. We believe learning happens inside and outside the classroom in equal measure. The entire second year is a fortified combination of paid internships, placements in the best-of-companies, specialization courses and industry exposure. The curriculum is digitally tuned, buttressed by academic partnerships with the best institutions in the world such as Harvard Business School, IIT-Madras, Arizona State University, IIM-B and Ernst & Young of USA.