Executive MBA in Product Leadership

15 months, weekend only

Prospective students with Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline (1st class preferred). Minimum 7 years of work experience. Strong Passion to become a product business Leader. GMAT Scores (Optional)

Campuses Availability
PESIT South Campus

Advantage of PES:
• Amongst Top 20 private B-Schnols In India (Survey conducted by Careers 360)
• PES ranks number 1 in MBA program under VTU
• PESIT is the second most preferred destination next to IIMB for B-School aspirants (Times of India September 28, 2011)

Highlights of PES-IPL EMBA Program
• Product management focused program
• Successful completion of all Proficiency Courses will lead to an MBA Degree awarded by PESU
• Classes taught by industry practitioners with decades of real world experience
• Specialisation in Product management and product leadership
• Create a real product during the course via Product Labs

Programme Outcomes:
1. To exhibit the advanced knowledge of the Product Development and Product Management.
2. To exhibit the skills required to rapidly identify customer needs, design, develop and market products that are viable businesses by themselves.
3. To exhibit leadership skills to lead teams even without authority.
4. To exhibit Executive skills to influence stakeholders and negotiate winning business outcomes.

Program Educational Objective :
1. Graduates are enabled to accelerate their career in Product industry, either in leadership roles or as entrepreneurs.
2. Graduates are enabled to lead teams for rapid product development and product management.

Guiding Philosophy:
The Executive MBA in Product Leadership is designed for senior professionals who want to accelerate their career in product industry. This course is specifically for professionals whose passion is to build actionable management skillsets that propels their career path in a product industry.
In the interest of making the students sound in the application of academic theory, a greater emphasis is placed on hands on product development and Experiential Learning. The course design and pedagogy are setting new benchmarks against the known centers of excellence in management education, including IIMs, foreign universities and private autonomous colleges.

In all courses wherever applicable, Special emphasis will be laid on :

1. Case studies and classroom discussions.
2. Experiential learning and application of the theories
3. Product development and customer interaction
4. Executive skill building by practice.
5. Learning from practitioners.
This is with a view to use the faculty’s expertise, and their industry experience to enable the students to learn the latest skills and practical application in a Sandboxed Environment to prepare them for a successful career as Product Leaders.

Course Structure
The course structure is as follows-

  • 15 months of course work, classes every alternate weekend. Each quarter is one term.
  • Hands on product development via Product Labs, in a group project.
  • Real time practise of Executive skills like presentation skills, negotiation skills, conflict resolution skills etc.
  • Personalised leadership coaching sessions once every term.

First Quarter

Immerse yourself into the world of Product Management with introductory courses in productizing process, market research, quantitative techniques, finance basics. Get your first leadership and personal assessment done by our career coaches. And get ready with your team and idea to begin Product Labs.

Second Quarter

Sharpen your skills in influence, negotiation, presentations, executive presence, and other essential executive skills. Get started with gathering customer insights, and prepare rapid prototypes to validate customer problems and proposed solution towards determining problem-solution fit.

Third Quarter

Learn how to apply customer insights and market research to product development, and create go to market strategy for various business models. Also, apply all that you learn in the product labs to prototype the first iteration of your products.

Fourth Quarter

Product Labs take precedence over classes, allowing you to focus on Learning by Doing. Learn the basics of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, and valuation. And continue developing your career path with one to one personalised assessment with our Career Coaches.

Fifth Quarter

Focus on team building, and organization building skills. Deep dive in Product Labs and present your product plan and business plan to a evaluation board comprising of Product Industry Leaders, Venture Capitalists, and our Senior Faculty.