CSR Club
PES University

The department organised a vocational training workshop in cooking for special students of Paatashaala.

10 students were seleted for the workshop be Paatashaala and 12 volunteers were selected from the 2nd semester and 4th semester of BBA-HEM department. The workshop was a success and was hugely enjoyed by the participants and the volunteers

CSR Club
(Campus Social Responsibility Club)
Department of Management Studies, MBA
PES University

The CSR Club at PESU MBA Department of Management studies is actively participating in various social causes like ‘Swach Bharat’, Creating awareness about right to education and importance of conservation of water.

We have recently associated with an NGO, Concerned for Working Children (CWC), 4 time Nobel Peace prize nominated organization, a non-profit organization based in Bangalore, India and known internationally for its work in empowering children to become the key protagonists in solving their own problems.

CWC believes that given political and social space, marginalized children could become protagonists of their own change. With the support of the Concerned for Working Children, active participation of children in understanding problems that affect them and in devising appropriate solutions, has led to the creation of ‘Makkala Panchayats’ (Children’s Village Governing Bodies) in many parts of Karnataka. CWC is playing a part in international research into children’s mobility issues, with agreement on greater involvement of children in all aspects of this research project.

The CSR club, believes strongly in these causes and have become an important participant in the activities of CWC.

Through the CSR Club, Various opportunities are available student volunteers to get involved in a number of activities like the following

  1. DBMS – Technical support in information management: to develop system of online information management for managing the wealth of research data available with CWC
  2. Volunteering support for Sunday children’s meeting: Every Sunday CWC conduct children’s programme in which children engaged with various activities like education, music, dance, storytelling, games, screening of movie etc. If some volunteers have expertise in particular field than he/she can interact with children and help children to experience new set of skill and able to enrich the experience of both.
  3. Campaign through social media about the cause we believe; for example; at present Child labour campaign is going on, volunteer can help us to spread the words through social media like FB, Tweeter and signing online petition.
  4. In order to create awareness on important issues like child rights, child marriage, child labor etc. we organize events like Marathon, cultural programme etc.