IIT, Madras

PES University through a long-term strategic tie-up with IIT-Madras offers a fully residential program at the beautiful campus of IIT-Madras on ‘Thriving in the Digital Economy’. One of the most prestigious educational institutes of the world, IIT-Madras remains a coveted institution for the millions of aspiring students in India. In an endeavor to equip our faculty and students to thrive in the transformed Digital world, the program provides critical inputs on the happenings in the heady digital world. The Digital world has been truly transformative. Our social lives and businesses are driven by digital technology. This update program is yet another manifestation of PES University’s unequivocal commitment to be always current in our Management studies.

Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida
Walt Disney World

PES University has an enduring relationship with the world-famous Walt Disney World® Resort at Florida, USA. The theme park is the most visited vacation resort in the world and is spread over 27,258 acres that houses 36 themed resort hotels, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, several golf courses, a camping resort and other entertainment venues including the new Disney Springs.

As part of Disney International Programs at Walt Disney World® Resort, the Hospitality and Event Management program at the PES University students live in the Resort, while gaining experience with a global entertainment leader. The students connect with people from across the globe and directly work under Disney leaders. Seminar offerings provide students the unique opportunity to learn more about how the Walt Disney World® Resort operates in key areas. Each class-session is highly interactive and encourages each participant to fully experience the vast expanse of the Walt Disney World® Resort as a learning laboratory. Students return enriched and are an asset to any Hospitality institution.

Walt Disney World
Taylor’s University, Malaysia
Taylor’s University

PES University has a long-standing partnership with Taylor’s University Malaysia, one of the world’s leading Universities, ranked 19th in the 2017 QS World University Rankings.  The academic partnership with Taylor’s University allows mutual exchange of our Hospitality and Event Management students through a Study Abroad Program/Semester Exchange Program by hosting students from both Institutions. The partnership also facilitates development of a Faculty Exchange Program to enhance global hospitality academic practices and nurture best practices across the Universities. The collaboration is strategic in nature covering research projects and engagement in scientific events in the realm of Hospitality and Tourism.