PES University (formerly PES Institute of Technology) MBA program has one of the brightest pools of management talent and is a preferred destination for MBA recruitment.
The students of PES University have always enjoyed special preference of recruiters; as University’s alumni have provided sustained value to the organizations that have recruited them.
The MBA program at PES University prepares students from day one to become thorough professionals. The students undergo a two week long orientation program to acculturize them to the corporate world and is a preparatory ground for making them fit into the Industries. This orientation program consists of

  1. Psychometric testing
  2. Course fit and Career fit analysis through data analytics
  3. Team building
  4. Leadership training
  5. Creativity training
  6. Outbound program is conducted in a forest location to train students to develop tolerance to ambiguity and improve risk taking abilities
  7. Intraprenuership and entrepreneurship

Students, apart from a rigorous MBA course, also participate in extra-curricular activities like

  1. MEET the CxO- Students meet 9 CxOs every semester for an immersion into real life industry situations.
  2. Aiding their professors in consultancy assignments and Industry specific projects like lean manufacturing.
  3. Participating in marketing, finance and human resources club activities.
  4. PES University is a member of various professional institutions like AMDISA, NIPM, NPC, BMA etc .Students and Faculty members attend events of these professional institutions to network with the corporates.
  5. Activities of Centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Placement Statistics for the Last 3 years


Domain wise Statistics for 2015