Bachelor of Business Administration-Hospitality & Event Management (BBA-HEM)

This program equips our students with required skills, attitude and knowledge to efficiently handle management position in this competitive industry.

The Five Core Departments of Arts in Hospitality Administration & Event Management Course are

1. Front Office:
One of the main operational departments in a hotel, this department is primarily responsible for selling the rooms and facilities of the hotel. This department being the face of the hotel is also in direct contact with most of the hotel guests. Maintaining good customer relations and trouble shooting of any guest problems also forms part of the regular job responsibilities.

2. Food & Beverage Service:
Food & Beverage Service forms an integral part of the hotel industry. Food & beverage service is an art dedicated to the operations of food outlets in the hotel. Throughout the course students are exposed to the operations of Coffee shop, Restaurants, Banquets, Bar and Room Service.

3. Food and Beverage Production:
It as an art and science which involves a lot of style & skill in producing food courses from various parts of the world. It is an ocean of the nutrition and diet world. It has a lot of scope for innovation and creativity.

4. House Keeping:
Housekeeping is one of the core departments in a hotel. The main responsibility of the department is to maintain cleanliness, comfortable and safe environment within the hotel i.e. daily cleaning of hotel rooms, Public Areas (Corridors, Lobby). It also provides Laundry service to guest and maintains Room linen, food and beverage linen like napkins and table cloth and Staff Uniforms, Provides Flower arrangement for all the public areas guest rooms. Handles Pest control, Horticulture is generally handled by a specialist in case the lawns and grounds are huge. Otherwise there is a horticulture supervisor who works in coordination with the housekeeping, Handles Renovation activity as required in the hotel, coordinates with interior designers, suppliers and vendors in this regard. Housekeeping also needs to interact with the guests, and handle any queries.

5. Event Management:
Event management is a multimillion dollar industry which is growing at the rate of 150% per annum with events being hosted almost daily. So making a career in event management is a good choice. Organizing a perfectly synchronized, well planned, well conducted and memorable event, requires the supervision and services of well trained and experienced event professionals. Therefore event management companies are always on a look out for event professionals.


BBA-HEM Course Type
1 Preliminary
2 Foundation
3 Core
4 Elective
5 Laboratory / Practical / Drawing
6 Specilaization
7 Minor
8 Special Topic
9 Project Work / Internship; Dissertation and Via-voce


I SEMESTER (2015 – 18 BATCH) Course Code Course Title
1 UM15BH101 French
Language (Anyone of the options listed below)
2 UM15BH102 Kannada
3 UM15BH103 Hindi
4 UM15BH104 English
5 UM15BH105 Guest Psychology
6 UM15BH106 Fundamentals of Culinary Arts
7 UM15BH107 Basics of Food and Beverage Service
8 UM15BH108 Introduction to Front Office
9 UM15BH109 Elements of Accommodation Operations
10 UM15BH110 Tourism Management
11 UM15BH111 Special Topic : Interpersonal Communication
12 UM15BH112 Fundamentals of Culinary arts – Practical
13 UM15BH113 Basics of Food and Beverage Service – Practical
14 UM15BH114 Front office Skills – Practical
15 UM15BH115 Elements of Accommodation Operations – Practical
16 UE15HS101 Constitution of India & Professional Ethics

II SEMESTER (2015 – 18 BATCH) Course Code Course Title
1 UM15BH151 Fundamentals of Information Technology
2 UM15BH152 Hospitality Management
3 UM15BH153 Basics of bakery and Confectionary
4 UM15BH154 Food and Beverage Service
5 UM15BH155 Front office Operations
6 UM15BH156 Accommodation Operations
7 UM15BH157 Basics of Event Management
8 UM15BH158 Special Topic ( Business communication)
9 UM15BH159 Basics of bakery and Confectionary – Practical
10 UM15BH160 Food and Beverage Service- Practical
11 UM15BH161 Accommodation Operations- Practical
12 UM15BH162 Fundamentals of Information Technology – Practical
13 UE15HS102 Environmental Studies

III SEMESTER (2014 – 17 BATCH) Course Code Course Title
1 UM14BH201 Industry Exposure Training – Hotel Industry
2 UM14BH202 Event Management
3 UM14BH203 Culinary French

IV SEMESTER (2014 – 17 BATCH) Course Code Course Title
1 UM14BH251 Culinary Operations – I
2 UM14BH252 Advanced Food & Beverage Operations
3 UM14BH253 Hotel Front Office operations – I
4 UM14BH254 Accommodation Management – I
5 UM14BH255 Event Operations– I
6 UM14BH256 Hotel Accounts
7 UM14BH257 Human Resource Management
8 UM14BH258 Special topics Nutrition, Dietetics & Sanitation
9 UM14BH259 Culinary Operations – I – Practical
10 UM14BH260 Managing Food & Beverage Service -I – Practical
11 UM14BH261 Accommodation Management – I – Practical