The PES institute of Hotel Management since its inception in 1994 has inspired encouraged and created hundreds of professionally superior students. The placement record is a testimony in itself.

Hotels are on an expansion spree, in India and around the world and yet the single most challenge that any hotel faces is to retain quality manpower. The industry wants people who are willing to work hard, for a career, not for the pay package at the end of the month. Yet it is important not to undersell…well, therefore we, the faculty and management focus on working on every student as an individual .We closely monitor him or her till we see that they are able to take their own decisions .Individual talent is identified and then aligned to institutional activates .Thus every student identifies his area of specialization and is recognized for his contributions, thus a focus sets in, which is what the industry wants from a fresher.

Here is a message from Matthew J. Hart, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hilton Hotels Corporation:

“There is a huge opportunity and growth potential in India and China. We did not mind investing in India with a great partner, where there is a long history of English law and process. China is a little shakier but our partner there did not want our investment anyway. There is plenty of money, but the trick is to get hotels open. You need someone with integrity and the ability to get things done.”

We at PES IHM are aligned to this thought; we are clued to the big picture, which clearly shows that hotel chains worldwide are anxious to be a part of the tourism and hospitality sector of India. They wish to invest in India. What exactly are they looking for in India? Quoting from the above text – “someone with integrity and the ability to get things done.”

Our vision is to produce THIS someone, we aspire to create industry ready mature individual who deliver.

The involvement of, students, parents, faculty, industry and the management are vital for us in this endeavor. The thirst to excel is what I am looking for in students, parents are required to constantly monitor their ward and respond to all communications from the institution.

Finally hotel management as a course not only prepares the student for a technical career, but also inculcates life skills which come handy in all spheres of life.